Friday, January 25, 2013

A day in the life of PRODUCTION!

works with Small Army on "Before You Ask Her, Ask Us." campaign for Long's Jewelers

The Lincoln Tavern in South Boston, was our first location of the day.

The crew from Small Army getting their ducks in a row, while models get even prettier,

 not that beautiful model Abba from Maggie Inc needs much work...

but Make-Up artist Heidi Wells from Ennis Inc works her magic anyway.

 It's perfectly proper to apply lipstick at the dinning table,
especially at a photo-shoot!

 Let's just say "acting" came natural for Abba and Ana.

Photographer Colin Hughes, getting up close and personal
for the perfect shot!

How lovely, we'll got the whole dance floor to ourselves!  

Makeshift office for downloading images, for on the spot, client approval. 

 Moving on to our next couple. 
 Andria and Jason from Maggic Inc.,
 meet at the bar.....

 fall in love...

 and live happier ever after!  ;-)

On to our next location....
Castle Island, on a chilly day..Brrrr! 

 Hey, are you coming? Say's Art Director, Rachel Bukstein

Nope, my job's the "copy" says Tayrl Hafer...have you seen
 the temps on this weather screen!

 But none of the troopers from Small Army, ever complained
and Account Executive, Monica Belling even had some FUN!

Sorry ladies, but we'll need your jackets.... Brrrr

Yay, it's time for Ana and Abba to go home and thaw out!

 Now, for the last shot of the day...the sunset engagement! 

Oh Andria, you're such an actress!
But we're glad you are.
Got it!

Looks like a wrap to me!

 Michele say's, honest officer, I've accounted
for every "body" I brought with me!

What a great shoot and what a great thing for Long's to step up and encourage same sex marriages!

Lets hear it for Long's!

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